1999 MXZ670 HO Signature Series Toni Haikonen
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99 MXZ670 HO T.H.

Purchased from Danner Sales Ski-doo 11/98
11/08/04 Odometer: 2067 miles
Only 36 miles put on sled in winter '02-'04 & 0 miles in '01-'02
(Did most of the work in '01, so most parts have only 36 miles on them)
For Sale: $3800

670HO T.H. Pic 1 670HO T.H. Pic 2 670HO T.H. Pic 3

Current Set-up/Add-ons (if not listed - still stock)

Zx Handle Bar Pad (Yellow) - '98 MXZx Zx Brake Caliper & Pads - '00 MXZx
Zx Racing Grips - '98 MXZx Zx Racing Slotted Brake Disk - '00 MXZx
Zx Short Brake Lever - '98 MXZx Steel Braided Racing Brake Hose - '00 MXZx
Zx Tunnel Liners - '00 MXZx Avenger I EGT In-dash Gauge w/(2) Bullet Sensors
Letter X Decals - '98 MXZx Yamaha Racing Non-breakable Ski Handles (Black)
C&A Pro Race version Skis (6" 60 deg Carbides) MBRP Front End Widening Kit (43.5")
Holeshot Skidplate (Black) '01 FAST M-10 Rear Suspension w/Ohlins dual Remote Res.
Ohlins Front Shocks w/Remote Reservoirs (10 pos. adjust) Camoplast 9818 1-1/4" Predator Track
(2) New Front OEM Shock Springs (Yellow) Ski-doo Fluid-damper w/new Starter Cup & Bolts
26/43 Gearing TRA Primary Balanced w/Spring Tower machined - Kinetic
TRA Heelclicker Clutch Kit - PU/YL 160/230 Spring 026 Ski-doo Belt
Arctic Cat Roller Secondary w/Hi-Tech ER Clutch Roller Kit New OEM Pistons, Rings, Gaskets, Head Bolts, Temp Sensor
Union Bay Racing Head (Purple) w/removable inserts 0.8mm Base Gasket
Cylinders, Pistons, Rings, W.Pins, Gears, Chain - Cryogenic Piston Skirts Coated (PC-9) - Swain Tech
Pistons Ceramic Coated (Gold Coat) - Swain Tech Cylinders Black Emitter Coated (Heat Retention) -Swain Tech
Head Inserts, Transfer and Exhaust Ports Ceramic Coated Y-Pipe Ceramic Coated (Satin Black) - Performance Coatings
Pipe Ceramic Coated (Cermachrome)- Performance Coatings New Stainless Steel OEM Exhaust Springs
PSI "Big Air" Carbs - 46mm (updated to leaner needles) Short Carb Boots
Kick Ass Air Filters NGK Racing Cable Plug Wires (Red)


Price New: $6,299 + tax  


Add-ons: $8,100  
  Total: One Kick-Ass Sled!  

670HO T.H. Pic 4 670HO T.H. Pic 5 670HO T.H. Pic 6

Q.  Is your sled for sale?
A.  Yes, I am currently asking $3800 or make me a reasonable offer.  This is a "one of a kind" sled that has the best of everything.  I wanted something no one else had and spared no expense.

Most the stuff is brand "new" and has longevity built into it (cryogenics, ceramic coated pistons, heads, pipe etc.).  Also, it has been stored in a garage with the front and back lifted to save on the springs, cleaned after every ride and "properly" stored and covered for off-season.   This is the cleanest and best taken care of sled you will find.  Synthetic oil only used.  Most engine components are brand new with only 36 break-in miles.  It has never been seized or burned down.  I wanted to run leaner so I replaced the parts to have them cryogeniced and ceramic coated.  M-10 dual clicker remote Ohlins suspension and front clicker Ohlins shocks have only 500 miles on them (good for 5-7000 miles before servicing).  So, I am not going to take any offer.  Just the one I can't refuse.  Ski-doo's most expensive knit foamed lined breathable Super Cover, spare belt, plus new DESS spare tether is included.

Per cc the 670HO is arguably the best performance sled, ski-doo has produced to date.

Email me if interested or for more info: gia_mn@yahoo.com

Thanks, Chip


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